The R&D team is organized into two fields: hardware and software.

Robot has an own R&D department formed by a team of eight engineers who design and optimize each component of our product. The team is organized in two fields: hardware and software.

The design of the hardware ranges from the design of electronics and mechanical components to the definition of the manufacturing and testing processes. On the other hand, the design of the software includes everything from product firmware, SCADA, to applications for mobile devices.

The team works together to develop new products and propose improvements to existing ones based on the information provided by the experiences of our customers, our commissioning technicians or those responsible for the production department. In this way, we get products with advanced functionalities that adjust to the real needs of the market and our customers.

The R&D team is composed of professionals trained in different branches of industrial and computer engineering.

In the same way, the R&D team has the capacity to design and manufacture short series of customized products, based on existing products where simple modifications are made (iconography, colours, …) or developing new products that solve specific problems to the client.