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Quality and Environment

In Robot, S.A. we have been dedicated to the manufacture of smart systems for 40 years for the control of technical installations in hotels, office buildings, hospitals, sports complexes, homes, industrial facilities, etc. In Robot, S.A. we have established as a priority objective, within our Quality Policy, that the products we offer merit full customer satisfaction in terms of warranty and quality. For this, we consider it necessary to improve, complying with the rules established in the System Integrated Management of Quality and Environment: UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2015 and UNE-EN ISO 14001: 2015.

Quality is our goal

The general guidelines of the Quality and Environmental Policy


Analyze the risks

Analyze the possible risks of our organization in order to prevent and treat them and thus improve our management in all departments.

Seize opportunities

Take advantage of the opportunities that come our way in order to improve sample organization.

Listen to our clients

Be attentive to our clients and detect possible errors in order to improve continuously, getting our product and services to suit their needs and reach their expectations.

Measure customer satisfaction

Client satisfaction is our maxim, that is why we are very interested in your opinion and we have a documented method to consider and quantify, when possible, the degree of client satisfaction.

Offer quality products

The end quality of our manufactured products and services provided to our clients, are the result of the planned and systematic actions in ADMVA, COMMERCIAL, R & D & I, PURCHASING, MANUFACTURING, INSTALLATION, POST SALES SERVICE, all in search of continuous improvement. We want to provide a better product and service than our competitors, in order to strengthen the loyalty and promote the growth of our client portfolio.✔ Gestión ADMVA
✔ Comercial
✔ I+D+i
✔ Compras
✔ Fabricación
✔ Instalación
✔ Servicio Post-Venta

Pensar en el Medio Ambiente

Improvement in the environmental behaviour of the organization is one of our objectives, thus we have established environmental goals, which are reviewed annually and allow:
✔ Reduction in the environmental aspects valued as significant.
✔ Compliance with applicable environmental legislation.
✔ Prevention of all types of environmental aggression, especially pollution, depletion of natural resources and minimization of waste generation.

We comply with the regulations

Robot, S.A. complies with current regulations applicable to the organization: prevention of occupational risks, organic law of protection of personal data, etc.

In order to carry out our policy and achieve the objectives set, the unconditional support of all company personnel is absolutely necessary, through a firm and constant commitment to health & safety and the environment.

We are confident that all these efforts will result in improving the quality of our products and services, ensuring a better future for Robot, S.A.


You can download all the certificates of quality and environmental management of Robot, S.A.

Certificate: Registered Company ISO 9001 2015
Valid until 2024
Certificate: Registered Company ISO 14001 2015
Valid until 2024
Quality and environment policy