A year ago Robot, S.A. was incorporated into the Alternative Stock Market, with the main objective of seeking financiation for the development of new projects and for the international expansion that we are carrying out.

This first year has been much more satisfactory than we thought, because not only we got the funding we were looking for, but we have also achieved other very positive factors, such as presence in the media, the impact of our events in the market and the knowledge of our brand in front of new audiences. In addition, we discovered European and institutional funding that we did not know before. In general, it has been a compendium of advantages that go beyond the financial point of view and that has reported great benefits to the company.

Jaume Simonet, CFO de Robot, S.A.

The incorporation to the MAB, besides favoring the plans of growth of the company, has positioned Robot, S.A. as a company with a great potential for expansion. The launch of the ROBOTBAS brand and the Multilink project, which will be released in a few weeks, place Robot, S.A. before investors and before the market in general, as a company with great potential.

Some of the most important changes in the company have been the development of the R&D and Marketing departments, which will help Robot to position its brand image and increase its portfolio of products and services.

We are in a new phase, in which we want to take advantage of the visibility and the credit that MAB brings us, to be able in the future to opt for the purchase of a company that has synergies with ours, and that offers us either technology that we don't have and that could be useful, or else a market to sell our products. The goal is to grow the company by expanding market and customers.

Bernat Bonnín, CEO de Robot, S.A.

In spite of the great changes that there have been and will be in the company, Robot, S.A. don’t want to forget the philosophy that has accompanied us during 35 years of history, and that, although now our building automation systems are managed under our ROBOTBAS brand, we continue to commit ourselves as a company that anticipates the needs of our customers by offering them a completely and totally personalized service.