Our bussines

Robot operates in the building automation systems and inmotic sector with two clearly differentiated business lines: the electrical installation service carried out by the Integra brand, and the building automation systems of our ROBOTBAS brand, which allow automating and control the consumption of energy resources, in addition to providing security, comfort, and communication between the user and the system.

Our mission is to facilitate the control and minimize the energy consumption of the installation for which we work, which requires an optimal production of resources. For this reason, we are developing a product that is designed to respond the needs of the building’s property, those of the hotel manager and its guests. That’s why since we include, in addition to industrial control of the installation, the control of rooms and common areas.

robot especializados en hoteles

Hotel specialists

The solutions and systems that we offer today are the result of 38 years of experience in the hotel sector working with the main hotel chains in the sector, and helping our clients with the optimization of their projects, the planning of their facilities, customization of its elements, the installation of the system until its start-up and remote maintenance from our own facilities.

Full control

Our systems allow the hotel’s technical staff to control the production and distribution of the establishment’s energy resources, and make it easier for the guest to regulate, as they wish, the equipment that conditions their rooms.
We install industrial control systems that communicate instantly with the automation systems of the rooms and common areas, controlling everything from temperature and lighting to water control.

robot especializados en automatización de hoteles
Our philosophy

At Robot we are committed to products and solutions created and developed by our own teams and produced in our own factory.

Bernat BonnínRobot, S.A. CEO

Business opportunity

We are at the moment of multiplying our business, due to the evolution opportunities of the hotel sector and the possibility of our own facilities and our team, capable of producing a higher volume, and the ability to create our own products and solutions that make us highly independent.

Our plans are based on an expansion by destinations with our own building automation system, or through the most widespread communication protocol in the area thanks to our Multilink technology. Likewise, we adapt to the needs of the market with new products such as Airea sensor, which open up new business variables.

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