Today we celebrate World Environment Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness of the world population by exercising sustainable development to care for our planet. From Robot we are very aware of the importance of maintaining an active attitude towards environmental issues, for this reason we take measures and carry out actions that help reduce pollution and optimize the exploitation of natural resources.

That is why our company has strict recycling systems both in our offices and in the factory, we use LED lights that reduce electricity consumption and we use our own building automation systems to control and reduce the consumption of light, water and gas from our facilities.

But what we are most proud of is helping all our customers reduce their energy consumption and resource production with ROBOTBAS automation systems, because together we are helping to reduce the environmental impact.

How does it work? By knowing if each room is occupied or not thanks to the movement control, you can control the temperature (which goes into low consumption mode until the guest enters the room again), the lighting (which turns off when it detects that nobody is there) and the humidity of each room, allowing to reduce energy production when the room is empty.

We are all responsible for taking care of the environment and promoting environmental awareness in our company. And you, what do you do to preserve the environment?