Interview in the program Mercado Abierto of Capital Radio (spanish audio)

Vicenç Salas, R&D Manager of Robot, S.A. participated in the Mercado Abierto program of Capital Radio, with Laura Blanco and Luis Blanco, to talk about how the Robot R&D team works and the projects they have in our company.

Salas explained how his team’s work is focused on the control and management of energy and resources of large buildings, collaborating from the design of the products until their installation.

The building automation systems allows to optimize the energy and resources of large buildings, reducing significantly the costs, which for a Resort Hotel for example, means important savings.

“Innovation has to be focused on the market: we innovate and research to satisfy the needs that appear (…) giving that added value to our customers,” pointed out the R&D Manager of Robot.

In this line, he spoke about a technological innovations in our sector, and how thanks to the agreement of Robot with Sedal, we will automate the consumption of water. These smart showers make possible to obey the stricter water saving regulations, reducing consumption without losing the quality of the shower (thanks to constant pressure and temperature).

If you want to listen to the entire interview, you can do so below (audio in spanish):