Financing of € 819,575.95 to carry out an R&D project

The Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI), of the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, has awarded Robot, S.A. with 819.575,95€ financing to carry out an R&D project, which consists of the development of the new R8000 series of devices and its integration with the RobotCloud digital platform.

The objective of this innovation project, which takes place between June 2020 and July 2022, is to achieve market differentiation through new technological advances,expand market share and also the increase of sales.

The 819.575,95€ financing for this project, which represents 85% of the total cost of the project, must not be returned in full if the project objectives are met on time. This means that 216.946,58, 30% of the financing, corresponds to the non-refundable part, while the remaining € 602,629.37 must be returned within 8 years.

The project

The new R8000 series will allow full integration of devices with the new RobotCloud digital platform. With this project, the installation and maintenance of the equipment will be simplified, integration with others will be improved, the information generated by the system will be centralized and unified, allowing the offering of new engineering products and services, such as the RobotMetric management and analytics tool.

Furthermore, with the incorporation of the new communication bus SiSLink / PoC (Power over CAN) it will allow access to the domestic market, expanding the company’s business area.