Interview at Rankia

Bernat Bonnin, CEO of Robot, S.A. and Jaume Simonet, CFO of Robot, have presented the results of the company in the first semester since joining the Alternative Stock Market.

After joining MAB, Bernat Bonnin points out that the strategic plans for the future of Robot, S.A. that are based on two aspects:

  • Launch a market expansion, working with european hotel companies with which we haven’t collaborated yet and accessing to new potential countries.
  • Increase the product portfolio thanks to the iversion in the company’s R&D department, which will make easier to access to the European market with products adapted to its standards.

On the other hand, Jaume Simonet adds a possible future capital increase and the possible incorporation of companies that can offer synergies to the products and services of Robot, S.A.

Yo can watch all the information in Rankia’s video (language spanish):