“Investment project aimed at improving the industrial competitiveness of the company Robot, S.A.”

ROBOT S.A. has decided to bet firmly on the internationalization of its products in order to strengthen the company’s growth, while improving its commercial position, especially in the hotel sector.

In order to be able to face its commitment to expansion and growth with guarantees of success, ROBOT S.A. has launched an ambitious investment plan based on the improvement and modification of its current production line.

For this, an important investment in technologically advanced equipment has been carried out to update the productive means that were available, acquiring: various equipment for the insertion of components, as well as an oscilloscope and a thermal imaging camera that will make it possible to speed up the testing of the components electronic

With the implementation of this investment plan, it is intended to face the increase in the volume of production of the company, which will allow it to compete adequately in all the markets in which it is already present, as well as to go to new markets.

The project, called “INVESTMENT PROJECT INTENDED TO IMPROVE THE INDUSTRIAL COMPETITIVENESS OF THE COMPANY ROBOT, SA”, with file number RCI-040000-2016-295, has received funding from the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, within the Program of Reindustrialization and Promotion of Industrial Competitiveness.