Robot, S.A. installed solar panels at the company’s facilities

Today, on world environment day, we can confirm that the energy consumed by Robot, S.A. it is 100% renewable.

Six months ago our company decided to do its bit with the environment, installing solar panels on the entire working area of ​​the headquarters located in Palma de Mallorca, where the offices and the product factory are located.

These solar panels have a power of 53.6kW peak, which supply approximately 50% of the energy consumed by the company. To carry out this project, the company made an investment of € 45,000 and received a grant from the Balearic Government of € 15,000, so we estimate that we will obtain a return on investment within 5 years.

But there are times when the energy we produce is not enough to supply the energy needs of the moment, so we buy the rest of the necessary energy and it is certified with Guarantees of Origin issued by the CNMC. What does this mean? Well, the energy we buy is also green energy, obtained from different renewable energy sources. In the same way, the energy that we produce and do not consume, mainly when our facilities are closed, is sold to third parties as renewable energy.

We are an entity committed to the environment with a neutral balance of CO2 emissions, and we hope with actions like this to encourage other companies to bet on clean energy and together we can reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.