Visit to Robot facilities

The rector of the Universitat de les Illes Balears, Dr. Llorenç Huget, visits the facilities of Robot, S.A. together with representatives of the EPS and the FUEIB. During the visit, Robot CEO Bernat Bonnín and Robot R&D Manager Vicenç Salas, explained to the visitors the company’s trajectory and showed them the facilities where ROBOTBAS products are designed and manufactured, witnessing the automatic assembly of the building systems.

The rector, who was accompanied by Dr. Jordi Llabrés, Vice Rector for Innovation and Institutional Relations, Dr. Lorenza Carrasco, director of the Higher Polytechnic School, Dr. Eugeni Isern, director of the Master in Industrial Engineering, Mr. Lluís Vegas, managing director of the Fundació Universitat Empresa and Dr. Miquel Jesús Roca, head of studies of the degree of Industrial Electronics Engineering, have highlighted the great work of the company in our islands and the great commitment to the University and its students, and hope to continue collaborating in the future.