1983 – 2018 It’s our anniversary

On March 2 we will celebrate our anniversarythirty-five years have passed since a group of entrepreneurs, “a group of colleagues” as Jaume Simonet, our financial director, started with the vision of facilitating the control of the facilities of a hotel and thereby reduce its energy consumption.

It was the year eighty-three, the technology was very different and home automation was a topic that only spoke some visionaries. Our first project became a reality in Menorca, specifically in the Almirante Farragut hotel. They were the first to bet on our products, we managed to provide greater control of the rooms for their guests and with it a saving in their consumption.

Today thirty-five years later, with about six hundred projects carried out, with our own products, designed and manufactured in our facilities, with a team of works that installs and maintains them, with five international delegations and quoting in the Alternative Stock Market, we can to say that we have been surpassing our best expectations, but that as good entrepreneurs, we keep increasing them.

Thanks to all those who have accompanied us and helped make our company a reality.