Dear customers, friends and suppliers,

Given the situation of the state of alarm in which we find ourselves, the management of Robot, S.A. believes that the health of our workers prevails above all, which is why we take the necessary preventive measures before declaring this state of alarm and thus facilitate to work from home for more than 70% of our staff.

Our manufacturing facilities are open and operate safely, following all guidelines set by the authorities to reduce the health risks of our employees. Likewise, our technical installers attend to the programmed installations and the emergencies of our clients as long as the installations to which they move guarantee the safety distance and the preventive measures set by the government. While current regulations are maintained, our employees will continue to limit personal contact to a minimum and reduce working hours in order to combat the effects of COVID-19.

Technically we are prepared so that our organization meets the needs and requests of our clients practically without alterations, committing ourselves to guarantee as much as possible the quality, service and attention that our clients and suppliers deserve.

We appreciate your trust and understanding, and we are available to answer any questions or needs you may have.

Receive a warm greeting,

Bernat Bonnín,

CEO of Robot, S.A.