Collaboration for the development of a business intelligence tool

The Balearic technology company Robot, SA, specializing in the manufacture and installation of building automation systems, and KPMG, an international company dedicated to technology consulting, have recently signed a collaboration contract for the development of a business intelligence tool with the objective of analysing and optimizing energy consumption in large buildings.

Through techniques based on Bigdata and Cloud Computing, the tool will be able to analyse and advise the technical services of the different facilities to improve energy efficiency and reduce operating costs.

The objective of the tool is to analyse and optimize energy consumption in large buildings.

The tool can be used in existing and new construction buildings, allowing all Robot customers the possibility of integrating it into their strategic energy improvement plan.

The data on water and electricity consumption, air conditioning of the rooms and the engine room, will be provided by the ROBOTBAS building automation system, allowing real-time information on all areas of the installation.

In the same way, the tool will analyse the installation from the historical data collected, identifying improvement points and provided interventions that can be carried out by the technical service of the installation to optimize the energy efficiency of the building.

The optimization of the management of water and electrical energy consumption, air conditioning of the different areas and the machine room of the facilities, will allow companies a greater commitment to the environment.

In future reviews, the tool will be able to analyse the data at the economic level, allowing margins to improve and further reduce operating costs.

The initiative of both companies is born of the great commitment that both brands have with the care of the environment, betting on management as a tool of change to reach a more efficient society.