On February 27, 2018 we premiered at the MAB

After a trajectory of thirty-five years, the company ROBOT becomes listed on the alternative stock market, known as the MAB. The IPO makes the company an interesting opportunity for investors looking for companies with this growth potential and these possibilities for expansion.

It has taken a year of intense preparation to overcome all the demands that the CNMV imposes on companies that are listed on any of the markets that exist in our country”.

ROBOT develops automatic systems for the control of buildings. It’s activities cover the design and manufacture of the elements and systems that they install and maintain for their clients. For this purpose, ROBOT has been organized in different divisions, through which they attend the design of the product, the manufacture of components, the commercial attention and customer service, the installation in buildings and the support service, as well as a technical department to support engineering, construction companies and promoters for the optimization of their own projects.

“Our product lines have already gone through different versions with which we have been improving the performance of each system. Our next solutions include expanding the standards with which we work, while we will continue to take advantage of the potential of our own protocol and the advantages of our remote maintenance service of our clients’ facilities. Our service is always immediate, even if the client is thousands of kilometers from any of our offices or delegations.”

ROBOT clients include the best and largest Spanish hotel chains and other companies and institutions in the private and public sectors that manage large establishments such as hospitals, shopping centers or educational centers and that require solutions for their smart and automated management.

Last May, its president advanced the imminent change of the company, now materialized, and thanks to which ROBOT will have sufficient resources to start this new stage that undoubtedly involves resizing the company and its innovation, production and marketing.

After its creation, development and consolidation, this company that offers BAS (Building Automation Systems) solutions and that manufactures its own components, is in the “pole-position” of a career for which it has great possibilities given the differential value of its offer and its turnkey solutions.

“The debut of ROBOT in a scenario like the MAB, not only helps us to show the interesting perspectives of the company but also obliges us to be one hundred percent transparent.” Among the instruments that the stock market has, there are different suports on which detailed information on the activity and progress of the companies quoted there is exposed.”