A complete project

In this case, in addition to the centralized control of climate and lighting in the rooms, we take care of the production and distribution of ice water, sanitary hot water and the control of the lighting of the noble areas and common areas.

Applying regulation and control tactics we use the minimum energy to maintain the comfort of the clients. The system provides for the alternation of production equipment to maintain production in the event of a breakdown.

The Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza has 493 rooms and extensive facilities such as the “Rock Spa”, “Body Rock” or the “Rock Shop”, which combine the Mediterranean flavor of the island with the philosophy of the popular brand “Hard Rock” . Regarding the chapter of the control of the rooms, the hotel has fully relied on our solutions to carry out the implementation of a centralized control system, able to manage and optimize the functioning of the climate and lighting and at the same time be very intuitive for their clients.

The Robot control system provides the hotel with advanced and precise solutions for all the imaginable functions of intelligent lighting and climate. Features include presence control, climate control, room status indication, color management and lighting intensity, lighting scenes. Taking advantage of the communications network of the climate control system has implemented the lighting management of the hotel’s facade, being able to choose the color according to events and even make luminous animations, which bring a touch of spectacularity, which highlights the character of the building.